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About Siteground Web Hosting Review

About Siteground Web Hosting Review

Are you looking for a company to host your wordPress website? Have you ever heard of SiteGround hosting? In this evaluation, you will learn more about the performance and strength of SiteGround hosting and its features. We will also go deeper and tell you more so that you can make a decision about it. Let’s get started.

Introduction to SiteGround :

  • Siteground hosting is a hosting company headquartered in Bulgaria that started working in 2014.
  • The company entered the market with a clear goal: to provide a competitive, distinguished and high-class hosting service.
  • SiteGround has succeeded in reaching its goal and providing a distinguished web hosting service that has proven its presence strongly and is currently topping in the first place in the list of the best hosting companies in 2020 and the list of the best hosting.

SiteGround has distinguished itself in hosting WordPress sites, and has become one of the three hosting sites nominated by the official WordPress site.

Having a SiteGround Server in Amsterdam, makes it one of the best companies to host your websites and blogs.

Site Ground hosting features :

1.Site Ground has one of the best Amsterdam servers

  • Site Ground servers in Amsterdam managed to register the best performance for websites and blogs.
  • This is due to the effect of the proximity of the hosting server to the visitor on achieving the best speed and performance of the site.
  • Not only did it get the fastest “378 ms” server.
  • Not because it got the highest service interruption period of “99.98%”.
  • Rather, it maintains this rate for a long time, at the same time as competitors’ performance rates change.

2.Anomination from the official WordPress site

Siteground is one of the three companies that are nominated by the official WordPress site to host WordPress sites. Why?

  • The servers in Site Ground are modified to achieve the best performance with WordPress.
  • The technical support team has specialized experience with WordPress sites and their problems.
  • Added SG Optimizer, which links WordPress and hosting to enable cache and SSL technology and speed up the site.

3.Free backup of your site .. daily

Daily backup feature is included in all packages for free. This service is often at an additional cost to many competitors.

4.Advanced Cache technologies to speed up the site

  • Cache technologies have the function of increasing site performance and improving speed.
  • This is done by storing the static parts on your site on the visitor’s device so that you do not have to re-download these parts with every new page.
  • They have many types, the most famous of which are Varnish cache and Meme cache, and companies often offer them in large packages only, or at an additional cost.
  • But hosting Site Ground provides the ‘Cache’ type in its shared hosting packages. Which is what I consider a golden advantage.
  • Also, all plans work using the http2 protocol, which helps to speed up your site even twice the performance of the old http protocol that many hosting companies have been working with so far.

5.Site Ground offers a very big discount for new customers

  • Due to the high quality of SiteGround hosting and the range of technologies and tools included in the packages, the original price of the packages is high.
  • Therefore, if your site is actually working, or you can pay the cost of 3 years, the company is stable and will benefit from a big discount that raises the value of the servers that will host your site in the coming years.

6.Free transfer of your site from the old hosting

  • You can choose to transfer the entire Cpanel panel or between manual transfer to WordPress sites.
  • Manual transfer means raising the site’s compatibility with the settings of the new server, especially if the settings for the previous company’s servers are different.

7.CloudFire CDN and Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates

Both of them work from within the site control panel, without the need for any technical measures.


8.Technical support is available and fast

One of the best features that I found in technical support at Site Ground is their willingness to search for a solution to your problem even if it is not due to the servers or their settings.

Especially if the problem is specific to WordPress sites, you will often find a technical support service customer who has experience with WordPress and is able to deal with its famous problems.

9- Pricing plans are straightforward

  • The discount in Site Ground is fixed and is not affected by the reservation period.
  • You will enjoy the full discount if you book one year or more.

10- Full refund for 30 days

Without any restrictions or questions. If you do not like the service, get your money back.


Site Ground defects

1- The cost of preparing an additional account when reserving the monthly plan

  • Site Ground will charge you an additional $ 14.95 in fees for creating an account on the first month of the monthly plan.
  • This amount is not available when booking annual packages.

2- The renewal price is somewhat high

  • Hosting siteground offers a very big discount on the first reservation.
  • So if you can, book as long as possible.
  • Because the renewal price after the offer ends is high compared to other companies.

Side information: In the past three years, Site Ground has offered a 20% discount on the renewal price for existing customers as part of Black Friday’s November offer.


The advantages of joint hosting in SiteGround hosting company (StartUp):

  • 10 GB storage capacity.
  • This plan handles 10,000 thousand visitors per month.
  • Free SSl security certificate.
  • Daily backup.
  • SSD storage.
  • Protection System.


SiteGround Coupon

As is known about a hosting site and a domain offer the latest exclusive discounts, we brought you the golden coupon I pay only 33 cents per month and for 3 months when purchasing site hosting with free domain throughout the contract period, the coupon is available to all visitors and we work to renew it whenever the offer ends on Throughout the year.


SiteGround hosting prices

  • You can create just one website and get 10,000 visits per month. The price of this plan is $ 3.95 per month (pre-discount price is $ 11.95 per month).
  • And for BigBig sites, there is also a bigger hosting plan, where you can host multiple websites and get 25,000 visits per month. You also get exceptional features and features in addition to the basic features.
  • GrowBig price plan starts from $ 5.95 per month (pre-discount price of $ 19.95).
  • Finally, GoGeek price plan, which is the best price plan for experts, where you can create multiple sites and get 100,000 visits per month and get many of the features that experts need.
  • The price of this plan is $ 11.95 per month (the price before the discount is $ 34.95).


The features that you get for free when you subscribe to exceptional hosting plans

Free site transfer. In addition to being a priority to solve your site problems. You also get free backup and data recovery. You also get the SuperCacher feature, which helps to increase your site’s download speed very dramatically.

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51% off all plans

Starting at $3.95/month

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Siteground Hosting Price & Plans

Siteground Hosting Pros & Cons



SiteGround is an affordable and exceptional web host thanks to their fantastic support, uptime, focus on security and server speed. Not only that but they also offer the most feature-rich hosting available.

You can currently get 67% off all plans . Siteground offers a 100% money back guarantee.