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A2hosting Web Hosting Review

A2hosting Web Hosting Review

About A2hosting

What is a2hosting? To start with, A2Hosting  was initially established in 2001 and was called Iniquinet but has been renamed to A2 Hosting. The company is a private company and is not owned by a major hosting group such as Endurance International which owns iPage hosting and HostMonster, among others.

A2Hosting has data centers on three continents: America (Michigan), Europe (Amsterdam), and Asia (Singapore). A2 Hosting says it has more than 20 times the speed of hosting than other hosting companies. Is it really like that ?

A2Hosting’s hosting features

The company says that its speed, working time and technical support service are among the best in web hosting. In order to determine whether the company is really honest and to what extent the hosting is good as they say, we bought a joint hosting from the company and we created and installed a WordPress blog and monitored it for a long time.

Here are the most important features of A2 Hosting, which will be as we promised you in the form of key points and details about each feature.

Business time A2 Hosting

“Uptime” is the time when hosting remains running non-stop and reverses it “Downtime”. In order to know the importance of working time, imagine that you have a commercial site or a company website and sell products on it and one or more visitors came and they intended to buy the product or service, but when they visited the site the site was suspended as a result of the hosting cessation.

Certainly these customers will not buy the product and in addition to that, they will not visit your site again if it appears to them in the search results or in another site. All these are lost opportunities and profits, and do not forget also that one of the factors that ranks important sites in Google is the rate of the site’s work.

In terms of working time, A2 Hosting company guarantees that your website will work 99.9%. For your information, the site is 100% working hard to achieve. However, upon observing A2Hosting’s hosting, we found that the work time exceeded the percentage guaranteed by the company and reached 99.99%, which was achieved only one hosting, which is HostGator Cloud Hosting, which achieved 100% when we monitored it.

A2 Hosting Speed

The speed of hosting is one of the most important factors to improve the user experience and one of the very important factors in improving the site’s ranking in search engines. In terms of speed, A2 Hosting is one of the fastest hosting companies and almost the fastest hosting sites I’ve met so far. As for how to reach this speed, it is because the company uses an SSD hard disk, and it has twice the speed of an ordinary HDD.

In addition, the company uses an automatic cache storage system to store some of your site’s files in the visitor’s browser, so the visitor will not need to download files from hosting every time he visits the site. This feature is a lot of people apply it and I apply it in many of my sites and it has many benefits in terms of increasing the speed of the site and reducing the load on the server and reducing the consumption of bandwidth as well.

To increase the speed of the site, the company is keen to reduce the number of hosted sites on the shared hosting servers. Thus, the load remains low on servers.

Technical support for A2 Hosting

One of the most important things you are looking for in hosting companies is the quality of technical support. Even those who have very much experience in the field of web hosting sometimes need technical support from the hosting company. You do not want to contact technical support and find that you are not answered or late in responding, or that the technical support staff does not have sufficient technical expertise to help you.

One of the best technical support services in the web hosting market is A2 Hosting technical support. You can contact them via “Live Chat”, e-mail, technical support tickets, or the phone. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, all day of the year 24/7/365. But like other foreign hosting companies, technical support is only available in English.

Check your site for hacking for free

A2Hosting provides a feature called “HackScan” that constantly checks your site. In addition, the company checks your site’s files for viruses in addition to a firewall for your site. The company also monitors hosting around the clock. And all this without the need for any experience or technical knowledge as the company makes this very easy for most users.

Transferring your site to the company for free

If your site has another hosting company that uses cPanel control panel that is used by almost all hosting companies. The A2 Hosting team will transfer the entire site to the company for free. And that while some other companies move the site for free also, some of them offer this service in exchange for hosting such as BlueHost for example, which costs you about $ 200 to transfer your site to it.

Supports payment monthly

If you want to pay the hosting company for your hosting every month and you do not want to stick with them for a long time, eHosting gives you the possibility to purchase hosting for a month only and you can renew as you want after that.

Easily install the most important scripts

You can install scripts like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal for free and easily without the need to upload script files or create databases.

Money back guarantee at any time

Money back guarantee is the period when you can get the hosting value you paid if you didn’t like the hosting service. The highest guarantee of a money-back guarantee is provided by DreamHost’s 97-day hosting.

While A2 Hosting gives you the possibility to recover the value of the hosting at any time you want the length of the hosting period and therefore it is the longest recovery period for money at all.

A2 Hosting rate

  • Lite: It starts from $ 3.92 and is suitable for anyone who wants to host only one website. You are allowed five databases and unlimited storage and storage space
  • Swift: Starting at $ 4.90, it is suitable for anyone who wants to host an infinite number of websites. It allows you to have an unlimited number of databases and also unlimited storage and transport space.
  • Turbo: Same specifications as the previous package, with the addition of the turbo feature, which will enable you to increase the convenience of downloading your site to visitors to very high limits by using advanced technology from the cache. This package starts from $ 9.31.
  • Thus, you can, with an amount of $ 47.4, book a respectable hosting that gives your website a strong start payment and helps you focus on what is most important.

Hosting stability rate

a2 hosting uptime The business hours of hosting or what is known as Uptime is the period of broadcast stability and this is one of the most important things in the hosts because stopping the site even a minute may affect your profits with a potential customer loss and when conducting tests on the working hours of A2 Hosting we found:

  • The transmission rate is 99.97% all the time.
  • It increases in some months until it reaches 100%.
  • The lowest number is 99.87%.

It is known that it is impossible for a hosting company to reach a rate of 100% all the time. Rather, there are companies that have not reached this number before and others have reached it a few times. But A2 Hosting has reached this rate many times and this is what makes it reliable to work with big brands.


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